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In the production of fresh concrete, the right color shade is essential. To mix this, fast, accurate and clean metering of the pigments is required. A new generation of water-soluble bags has been developed for this purpose. The bag is pre-packed and is added during the mixing process. During processing, users do not come into contact with the powder pigment, so they are protected from particles. The total package dissolves without residue during processing.

While the concrete truck is on its way to the construction site, the ready-to-use fresh concrete is already being mixed in its drum. The new water-soluble bags are ideally suited for coloring this so-called ready-mix concrete as well as precast elements. They contain pigments that mix with the cement mixture after the packaging has dissolved without leaving any residue. In contrast to liquid colors, no additional water is added and there is no need for time-consuming mix optimization. In addition, the bags ensure clear storage logistics: the transport of water components and the storage of empty containers are eliminated. The soluble bags thus represent a cost-effective alternative to liquid inks.

The weight of the sacks is adjusted to the desired mixing size; containers from one to ten kilograms are possible. The small container sizes ensure easy handling. Another advantage of the water-soluble bags is their flexibility on the construction site, because no metering system and thus no air and power connections are required. The closed total container is added to the mixture, so that there is no contact with the powder and a clean dosage takes place. High storage stability is guaranteed by the protective packaging. This means that the paint is ready for use even at short notice, should a project be postponed. Surplus products can also be stored for a longer period without any problems.

Due to the constant addition of color, the mixtures are quickly and easily reproducible via the use of the bags, resulting in a uniform color result. We draw on our entire range of ferrotint™ brand UV-resistant pigments to fill the containers. Thanks to the water-soluble bags, building materials such as concrete glow in red or yellow, for example, after just a few working steps

The small container sizes dissolve in water and ensure easy handling

During processing, users do not come into contact with the powder pigment, so they are protected from particles.

The water-soluble bags offer flexibility on the job site because no metering equipment and therefore no air or power connections are required.

After the packaging has dissolved without leaving any residue, the pigments combine with the cement mixture.